Alissandra Moon

Alissandra Moon

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121 Lakeview parade Primbee , Wollongong, New South Wales 2502, Australia
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Alissandra Moon Is a leading Psychic Healer, Shamanic Witch, Psycho-Spiritual Therapist & Coach, with over 2 decades of experience in Spiritual leadership. 

Alissandra is a Spiritual Revolutionary, here to pioneer the reclamation of the Divine Feminine. Her work will lead you to access your soul directly, so you can claim your power & reach your highest potential- Resulting in better health, more vitality, improved relationships and true happiness & fulfilment. 

Descended from a long line of Siberian Shamans, psychic gifts were nurtured in Alissandra’s family. At 11, guided by her mum, she started studying Wicca, which led to ongoing study & numerous qualifications in Occult Sciences,  Philosophy, Witchcraft, Psychology, NLP, various healing modalities… Anything & EVERYTHING spiritual or esoteric. “The day I stop learning, is the day I die” -Alissandra

She has overcome extreme Trauma, Addiction, Physical & Mental Illness to create a life she truly loves! Now, as an ordained Minister & Priestess, Alissandra runs her own Ministry & Academy where she teaches Magick & Witchcraft & helps people heal from past trauma, overcome the issues holding them back in life and transform their lives, in order to achieve the love, success, improved health and happiness they deserve.

Her deep understanding & immense empathy make her second to none- plus her unique gifts and wide range of skills mean she is well equipped and highly capable, leaving you in good hands!

Alissandra has featured in numerous publications, TV and Radio shows, podcasts, documentaries and even has her own weekly show called Weekend Witchcraft.


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