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Coach Carla Joy

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Coach Carla “Joy” Thompson has over 20 years of experience in the  area of health education.  

She is a Medically trained Health & Life Transformation Coach and helps people identify their specific health and life goals. 


As a life-long educator, in Sciences and Exam Preparation, Coach Carla currently focuses  on coaching health conscious individuals, and Medical Professionals; instructing on Whole Food Plant nutrition so that groups and individuals can make Lifestyle Changes and improve their health. She is also engaged in helping others develop their own health communities as they continue on their HealthyLivingJourney.


Coach Carla Joy is so passionate about empowering others in their health journey that she has completed her certification as a Health and Life Coach through Health Coach Institute© and will be completing certification in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Her specialty of InforMED© Medical Decision Making ( Wellness Forum Health), has equipped her to coach individuals and groups to restart their journey to health and economic stability.

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