Deonsha Sanders - Quantum Alchesmist of Soul

Deonsha Sanders - Quantum Alchesmist of Soul

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9158 South River Rd , Dayton, Ohio 45342, United States
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Shalom, my name is “Coach” Sanders, and I am A Quantum Soul Alchemist+HGE Business Mentor! I work with clients who want to discover a DEEP, Transformational Space where they can rise into Abundance, and create a Life+Work Balance that speaks to their Authentic Soul🌹🦋✨🤌I’m ALSO a Father of three small children, Certified NLP Practitioner/NLP Life Coach, an EXPERT in Human Design {working on the concepts of “Quantum Soul Evolution” and “HGE {Hearts Guided Energy} Mastery”.

The journey of ‘Quantum Evolution’ {for me} began in October 2020: Post-COVID. I encountered an INTENSE ‘Spiritual Awakening’ that immediately called me to action! I spent HOURS upon HOURS training.. studying.. aimlessly lost within a multitude of Coaching offers that only grew by the thousands! And rather than accept ANY notion of hiring a “coach/professional”, I embarked on my ‘Soul-Led Path’ solo. 

Human Design, Energy Work, Shadow Work, Herbalism.. You NAME it and Ive probably practiced it at LEAST once or twice😩🤣😌Not the “MOST Conventional” of ideas.. I wasn’t gonna give up just because no one ELSE has done this yet–and if they did? They’ve either quit early on or they’ve essentially lost their minds! So, what makes ME “different”?? Simple.. I STAYED Committed To Trying.. Even IF It Took A Lot Longer Doing It On My OWN! 

Fast-forward To March 2022: My family just lost our apartment, leading us to move into a local extended-stay hotel, where my wife and I also found employment. By winter, I had began to take notice of my rapid Ascending and RECEIVED my ‘Call to Service’! I began to feel reminded of the many past experiences and traumas I had faced years prior.. as well as how they seemed to just “align” with this Subconscious Reminder of Mine: “You are meant to do MORE! To be MORE!” And that’s when I took one of the BIGGEST risks I could have at that time–making the decision to {with NO residual income, no ‘back-up plan’, BAD credit, no bank, no savings, no stocks/bonds/crypto.. no investor.. no Collaborator.. while ALSO being a High School drop-out that never FINISHED school} dive STRAIGHT into the Coaching Space.

As if it wasn’t challenging ENOUGH persuing Personal AND Spiritual Journies, I NOW Have Taken On The Addition Of BUSINESS Journeying!!! I’ve had already had a FEW start-up businesses, I “KNEW” how to run a business.. until I realized I DIDN’T know–because I didn’t even know what type of Business/Persona I was TRULY trying to be. I was a worker, manager, employee, mentoree, CEO, Visionary/Founder, Marketer… I had absolutely NOOOO Foundation, and began the GRINDING process of ‘spinning my own gears!’

2023: BY FAR THE MOST EMPOWERING YEAR of my life! As I began stepping into a HIGHER level of elevation and Ascension, I STILL had yet to align energetically with the things that actually WOULD HAVE HELPED ME SOONER!! Instead, I developed the mindset of, “Already made it THIS far.. ain’t no turning back now!”.. and KEPT solo- Soul-Mind-AND Business Journeying! And at the initial HEIGHT of my ascension: ‘Spiritual Warfare’ and the VERY BATTLE of my PHYSICAL Mind, Heart and Soul Had Taken ‘Divine Commencement’. 

I hit the ABSOLUTE ‘Rock Bottom’ point in my life, where I ALSO found myself deep within drug addiction. I was questioning the essential fabrics of my ENTIRE life.. and when I had nearly NO ONE to turn to? God {Or ‘Source’} helped bring me to the other side! And when I Emerged?! I not only began to shift FURTHER into my gifts.. I not ONLY overcame addiction (now in recovery and working on sobriety).. I INNATELY curbed my prior diagnosis of Anxiety/Depression WITHOUT any sort of medication!!! And the best part: I ACTUALLY manifested a childhood dream of mine, somewhat! I became an Ordained Minister.. became Certified in NLP.. and my faith couldn’t be ANY more solid than it is at this moment in time!!!

This is JUST the beginning and I cannot WAIT to share my stories, my experiences, my discoveries and uncoverings.. all with the world, as WELL as my incoming ‘Young Kings Academy’ Alumni🌹🦋👑

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