Elita Clark Business Growth Coach & Brand Expert

Elita Clark Business Growth Coach & Brand Expert

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I was a successful Publisher of my Local Magazine that I built to over 6 figures from 2015 until 2020!   I dealt with other business owners to grow and promote their businesses to my exclusive readership!  And before this I spent 30 years in The Radio advertising and marketing business, working with clients like Coke, Lexus, and The Atlanta Braves, to develop their Brand & Marketing campaigns.

It was exciting and rewarding… but the “picture” all changed in 2020, as it did for most of us, and I found myself Starting All Over!

Like a lot of women, I found starting over a challenge, yes, I was thinking I was ready for it. Then a few things seemed to pile up on me.  I realized that I had accepted “getting by” as a way of life, and my “Success Meter” was way off.  I slowly began to realize in the Online world, I was MY Product… & I needed to build myself a Brand!

Helping large companies for years build their Brand & Message, I felt like it was time to do it for myself…  After lots of work, coaching, mentoring, and even counseling, I came up with a program that has very specific steps, yes it includes “beginners tips too”, which will help jumpstart most online media strategies and businesses!

That’s right, the opportunity to go from “getting by” to Success! You can start right away and with just ONE of my Secret Tips you can add customers/clients right away… and they will come to you!!!

If you are here searching for a solution to regain a Successful Powerful Business and change your mindset along the way, then you are in the right place!

The road to Success is not easy and it’s not something that happens “overnight”, it takes work & dedication, but most of all… it takes YOU committing to Grow right along with YOUR business! *The GaGa Guru 

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