Hayley Vu

Hayley Vu

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41 Elevation Street, Flat Bush , 2019, New Zealand
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Hi I’m Hayley, a Vietnamese living in New Zealand. I came to NZ to study in 2014 and have been living here since and call it my home.

I was in the Hospitality Industry for about 6 years before I quit to become a graphic designer. After a year, I quickly realised that it might not be something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Then I got a job as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a hotel in NZ, while learning and growing to become a better leader and communicator, I discovered coaching and this has been my side project for the past 3 months.

Some fun facts about me:

I’m a coffee addict, I love all things stationery, designs & fashion, love a good Whiskey Sour, I love tech and trying new things, I’m always fascinated by psychology and human behaviours,  I wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I was a kid, my favourite food is anything spicy, I’m learning RollerSkating, and I had my first beer when I was 3.

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