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Helen Glen

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182/4 Dolphin Close , Sydney, New South Wales 2046, Australia
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Hey I’m Helen Glen, living in Sydney, Australia with my husband and both my daughters live nearby.

I am an Amazon best selling Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and CEO’s find serenity and success through my programs.

“The Calm CEO Ultimate Healing Plan” is unique to my personal innovative approach to healing body, mind and spirit.

Previously I ran my own 7 figure enterprise but due to partnership breakdown and divorce I felt deeply disempowered, disillusioned and disconnected. Added to by grieving after the death of my son.

I studied healing modalities and Life and Business Coaching so decided to create “The Calm CEO Ultimate Healing Plan” its a powerful and unique program based on personal experience so my new business became enjoyable, streamlined and a profitable venture resonating deeply with my clients  and myself.

Coupled with healing, aligning vision with the power of self gets career growth with clarity and confidence.

As a Business Consultant and Life Coach I use neuroscience techniques to equip women with practical tools, insights and mindfulness practices to integrate seamlessly into their lives.

By prioritising self-care and embracing a holistic approach to well-being, you can embark on a journey of confidence, self-discovery, and profound rejuvenation. Try it now!

It has been recommended by Influencers that to achieve your dreams and goals you must get a Coach!😊

Join me in a conversation today so you too can get tangible results, have emotional support and healing tools to concentrate with calm on a successful career. 

Let’s connect! To book your vision strategy free call here::: https://www.helenglen.com/booking.

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