Helen Rees

Helen Rees

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130 Cribb Rd, Carindale , Brisbane, Queensland 4152, Australia
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Greetings on life’s remarkable journey! I’m Helen—an ordained spiritualist minister and medium. My path blends spirituality, family, and a recent shift toward holistic health advocacy.

In 2014, I founded Dynamic Events for workshops, evolving into life coaching – using intuition to assist in people succeeding in business. Family, especially my resilient bond with my husband Dennis through challenges, has been central. Our two successful daughters add richness to our story.

A new chapter involves partnering with LifeVantage as a Protandim consultant. This revolutionary product ignited a health transformation, renewing vitality for Dennis and me.

Now, as a life coach and consultant, I champion holistic wellness. Join me for a transformative journey toward vitality and well-being. Contact me to weave your tapestry of health, love, and purpose. Let’s walk toward a future intertwined with hope.

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