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Kelly Xu

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Hi. My name is Kelly Xu and I am an internationally certified senior Mandarin teacher. I help entrepreneurs and professionals narrow the communication gap, understand the Chinese mindset, culture and business etiquette, so you can sign more deals with affluent Chinese. I’ve been teaching Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese business etiquette and culture since 2017 both online and face-to-face. I’ve taught entrepreneurs and professionals from across the world, some of my students passed HSK (Chinese Proficiency) exams with flying colors.

My unique Highway To Fluency method helped people around the world to speak fluent daily Chinese in as short as 35 days! This learning method is designed to shorten the learning curve for all language learners.

Before that, I was an interpreter and translator for a Fortune 500 company in China. I’m an accredited English translator. I have learnt English interpreting and translation from some of the best interpreters in China. Now I am all in to help entrepreneurs and professionals materialize the results they desire.

My career success has opened the doors for me to interview some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring language experts business owners such as Professor Wang Xuewen (China Global Television Network commentator and eminent lecturer for overseas embassadors) and many other industry leaders on my interview series – The Kelly Show.

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