L. Neil Thrussell

L. Neil Thrussell

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63 Martin Crossing Park NE, Calgary Alberta Canada , T3J 3N7, Canada
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Meet Neil Thrussell, a living embodiment of purposeful and passionate living, showcasing his beliefs through action, not mere words.

Neil is a multifaceted international speaker, trainer, athlete, and co-founder of Best U Can B Inc and the esteemed Shin Dao Institute™. His profound impact extends to his role as a four-time International Amazon Best Selling Author of the captivating “A Warrior’s Heart” book series.

But here’s the best part—Neil isn’t just a remarkable professional; he’s a genuinely approachable and relatable person. His innate likability makes him an incredibly engaging coach, a fact independently verified (no biased opinions from family here!).

A firm believer that each soul harbours a unique life purpose, Neil champions the idea that you, too, were born to fulfill your distinct mission. If you’re unsure of your purpose, fear not! Neil’s expertise lies in guiding individuals like you to unearth and live their purpose, fostering an invigorating sense of being ALIVE! He ardently upholds that there’s a “Write Way To Live a Fuller Life,” helping individuals leverage writing as a tool for self-exploration or offering his innovative Dare To Dream – Dare To Soar (TM) program for non-writers.

Neil’s wealth of education and experience is as extensive as it is diverse:

🌟 Excellence in the 90’s via The Pacific Institute, where his personal growth journey ignited.
🌟 Life Coach Certification with Erickson College, honing his coaching prowess.
🌟 Membership in esteemed bodies like the International Association of Public Participation and the International Coach Federation.
🌟 Mastery in the Path of The Warrior Sage, embodying wisdom and resilience.
🌟 Certified facilitator for The Passion Test™, guiding individuals toward their passions.
🌟 Founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council, contributing to global change.
🌟 Expertise in the Accelerated Evolution Practitioner sphere, fostering personal transformation.
🌟 Green Belt in Hapkido with Yoons Martial Arts, showcasing discipline and dedication.
🌟 Proficiency as an NLP Coaching Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification, amplifying coaching effectiveness.

Neil’s speaking engagements are not just events but transformative experiences filled with humour, passion, and poignant insights. His belief in human greatness fuels his passion for guiding individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds or challenges, toward realizing their inherent greatness and living their best lives.

Neil’s mission is crystal clear: “I create a world of heart-based connections by living and teaching the Shin Dao.”

Ready to embark on your purposeful journey? Let Neil Thrussell light the way! 🌟

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