Leslie Rochelle

Leslie Rochelle

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152 rue de l'Oiselet , J5K 0C1, United States
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Leslie is an Intuitive Leadership Coach & Mentor with a focus on the new leader. She supports her clients, through a variety of disciplines best described as a lovely combination of life coaching, leadership coaching & personal development beautifully sprinkled with aspects of spirituality. The benefits experienced by her clients are an increase in self awareness, confidence and leadership impact that results in ease & flow in their lives & careers going from good to phenomenal.

Leslie’s aim is to guide her clients as a whole…in all aspects of the human, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

In her corporate role, Leslie supports a multi-billion dollar company. As the first visible female leader at her site location, she has become the go-to support for new & emerging female leaders. She is an active mentor, mentee & facilitator. Her vast experience & knowledge in overcoming personal obstacles to become her ideal leader allows her to support her clients in a meaningful way. The passion she has for coaching in the entrepreneurial space is driven from a desire to support that earlier version of herself and live in to her philosophy of Learn. Do. Teach.

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