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9 Congdon Avenue Beeliar , Perth, Western Australia 6164, Australia
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Hello, my name is Lynette Jakovich, a coach dedicated to empowering shoppers with the knowledge and skills to decipher labels on products and foods, facilitating the best choices for themselves and their families.

As a mother of three and a proud grandmother of six, I am immersed in a world of family, offering unwavering support and guidance. My roots trace back to Yugoslavia (now Croatia) through my father, who instilled in us the values of hard work, a strong work ethic, and the importance of aiding family and friends. and my mother who also was a very hard worker. Sundays were spent lending a hand on relatives’ farms, cultivating a sense of community and shared effort.

My journey took a poignant turn as I encountered the challenges of two young grandchildren navigating different points on the Autism spectrum. This, coupled with the gluten and dairy intolerance within my nephew’s family, sparked my profound interest in the escalating prevalence of diseases and allergies today.

Driven by a desire to comprehend the changing landscape, I delved into the alarming use of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and flavor enhancers in our everyday products and foods. The need to decipher labels became paramount, as I sought to identify the safe choices and vehemently avoid the detrimental ones.

Our governing bodies dictate acceptable levels, yet many additives, permitted under their guidelines, remain questionable or proven toxic. The disparity in regulations, even when certain additives are banned in Europe, raises concerns about the global impact. It is crucial to discern which additives pose risks and eliminate them from our children’s diets.

In this pursuit, I advocate for informed choices during shopping, striving to simplify the process and make life easier for those committed to the well-being of their families. Let’s navigate this complex world of products and foods together, ensuring a healthier and safer future for all.

Warm regards, Lynette

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