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Maria Maksmytz

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Maria Maksymytz (Mak-sim-its) is an international spiritual business coach passionate about supporting coaches to create business success in their coaching business. 

Maria has 20 years business experience in the areas of international business development, strategic planning and communications, supporting senior executive management and boards of directors for multi-billion dollar corporations. Maria left corporate and became a spiritual entrepreneur in 2012 and began to integrate business coaching in 2018.

Life has not always been smooth sailing for Maria, who has faced significant adversity in life, including a major health issue as a teenager, and a near death experience in a major car accident, which led her into a deep spiritual quest for answers and understanding and ultimately to a new career path to blend spirituality and business. It also included an 8 year healing journey, which provided the opportunity to dive deep into energy medicine and healing. Maria has also experienced significant loss and knows how important it is to create a life of meaning, mattering, fulfillment and impact. Maria could have used the adversity as an excuse, but instead she turned it into a challenge and opportunity because she knew she was meant for more and called to rise higher like the phoenix from the fire and ashes.  

Maria specializes in helping spiritual female coaches to rise higher from adversity to answer their calling, gain more clarity on their purpose and start or scale their business to create more impact and income doing what they love.  We all start somewhere, so whether it’s aiming for your first $50K or 6-figures, Maria can help to illuminate the path forward for you to rise higher to your next level in life and business. 

Maria has extensive education, including a Commerce  and Masters in Business (MBA) Degrees, and is a certified trainer and multi-certified coach in the areas of life, business, leadership, workplace, career and NLP Master Transformational Coach. Maria blends her business education with training with many of the most heart-centered thought and inspirational leaders today, including Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John DeMartini, Richmond Dinh and Tony Kaye.  

If you’re ready to rise, let’s begin.  I look forward to connecting and discovering how I can best support you on your spiritual and business journey forward.


Founder, Rise Higher Coaching & Business Academy

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