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I am Martine Boily (eMBA and M.SC. Organizational and People Development), the driving force behind MBL Coaching; Coach recognized by the Global Coaches Association, CHRA, ADM. A., PMI, Green Belt-Lean.

My area of expertise is dedicated to supporting executives and leaders in their quest to reveal their true potential. My role is to help them escape the whirlwind of stress while cultivating a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives. My goal is to drive innovation at the heart of their organizations and guide them to leave a lasting footprint in their field.

My toolbox accumulated over many years allows me to clearly see the uniqueness of each person. I am committed to acting in a transparent, honest, and ethical manner. I have an understanding objective that comes from facts and data. Yes, I like details, it’s very useful for thinking, it allows you to look at all the possibilities (data, resources, knowledge) that exist in any initiative. I make sure to adopt an authentic leader approach and personalized coaching.

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