Nicola Davies-Cooke

Nicola Davies-Cooke

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2 Appletree Close , Gosford, New South Wales 2261, Australia
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Nicola is also known as ‘Nico’ to many friends, and is an international life coach passionate about in-powering parents and carers of kids on the spectrum.  This could be you if you are struggling to:

  • manage the emotional and physical demands of caregiving
  • deal with feelings of isolation and lack of understanding from others
  • balance the needs of your child with ASD with those of your other family members
  • maintain your own mental and physical health


Nothing beats real life experience in this space so being mother to 3 children, with one on the spectrum, Nicola knows first hand the type of challenges you are facing.  As a migrant to Australia in 1988 Nicola has experienced a wide range of emotional and physical struggles herself – reinventing herself from “social London butterfly” to life on a remote farm in NSW, creating a family with her husband, advocating for her son pre NDIS plus carrying a lot of the emotional load of farming life for them all.  Everything takes its toll.

But over time, relocations, divorce and constant “reinventions” of herself, Nicola officially became a coach in 2017 and has been tireless in her commitment to delivering top quality results for all clients ever since.

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