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Paula Day is an international business coach and is passionate about supporting coaches to create business success in their coaching businesses. She has been lucky enough to have learned from the best, with the likes of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, John Travolta, Michelle Bridges, Tony Kaye and Richmond Dinh. 


She has 20 years business experience, is a certified practicing accountant, has been on billion dollar projects and has had parliament experience.  She has been coaching and leading people for over 16 years and in that time studied and specialized in relationships, NLP and hypnotherapy, and is invested in her continuous growth.  


Things were not always smooth sailing for Paula who has experienced a marriage breakdown, lost everything and was back out there dating as a single mum and finding the man of her dreams at 40. Paula could have used this as an excuse but instead, she turned it into a challenge and opportunity and switched out of corporate and into building her own Relationship Coaching Academy business, and is now coaching other coaches to achieve the same business success she has had. Paula is results driven and works with her coaching clients to give and deliver the best coaching for them to create authentic business success faster.

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