Razwana Ananda Leonard

Razwana Ananda Leonard

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Napier , , New Zealand
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Razwana is an NLP master coach and uses techniques including Timeline therapy ™ which makes impactful change to remove trauma from this and previous lifetimes & generations. In addition, she is a DEVI coach (Devine, Embodies, Vedanta, Integrated)- which includes body based feminine and ancient Indian wisdom techniques. She has integrated what she regards as the masculine & feminine approach, using her intuition and experience to guide her.

Razwana was drawn to coaching following her colourful life experience. She grew up in Scotland with Pakistani parents and experienced a very repressed life. She had a career in fitness, physiotherapy & yoga. She emigrated to New Zealand, got divorced and was finally drawn to personal development. Razwana has a special interest in helping women transform their pain to health, joy and happiness. She is currently helping women attract their ideal partner with her signature system using coaching, healing and energetic modalities.


Why come to Razwana Ananda?

  1. Personal Experience and Resilience: Razwana has personally navigated through significant life challenges, including bullying, relationship issues, and adapting to various cultural and personal transformations. This experience not only makes her relatable and provides her with a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of recovery and self-improvement.
  2. Professional Expertise in Physical Wellness: Razwana has a strong background in physical fitness, including knowledge about exercise, injury prevention and treatment, Pilates, and yoga. She has been a fitness professional for 23 years and a physiotherapist for 8 years. This expertise is crucial for some clients who require informed and effective guidance to physical wellness.
  3. Spiritual Insight: Her involvement and knowledge in Indian spirituality, including Vedanta classes and practices like mantra and rituals, add a unique spiritual dimension to her coaching. Razwana has been with her Guru for 15 years.
  4. Holistic Approach to Well-being: Razwana’s focus on holistic wellness – encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects – is a significant strength. Her understanding of the interconnectedness of these areas can help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  5. Empathy and Compassion: Her ability to empathize, shown through her desire to help people transform their sadness, shame, and pain, is a critical skill in coaching. This emotional intelligence allows her to connect deeply with clients and facilitate genuine transformation.
  6. Diverse Skill Set: Razwana’s diverse skills, including massage, energy work, resilience training, and nurturing the body, provide her with a wide range of tools to support her clients’ journeys effectively.
  7. Commitment to Continuous Learning and Growth: Razwana’s continuous pursuit of personal and professional development, as evidenced by her participation in various courses and learning initiatives, demonstrates her commitment to staying informed and enhancing her coaching skills.

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