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Rowland Potter

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Turning chaos into calm to achieve personal and professional outcomes beyond your wildest dreams.

No matter where you are in your life journey, no matter how successful, life has its challenges and sometimes it all feels chaotic and that’s when you are most vulnerable.
Working with me you will realise that nothing is impossible, your strengths totally out weigh any perceived weakness.

How do I know, well, 26yrs ago I was in a locked psychiatric ward for three weeks, then O was homeless and a rough sleeper in some of the most dangerous parts of London United Kingdom. I am now a 25yr sober recovering alcoholic, zero education, homeless to six figure plus earnings.

Freeman of the City of London, LiveryMan of The Worshipful Company of Carmen.

Managing Director of my own Limited company providing business consultancy and Coaching using NLP  and Functional Fluency as my main tools to unlock your true potential in minutes and then embedding that as your new norm should you invest in repetitive implementation as one of my exclusive clients.

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