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If you are a woman looking to understand your true worth, have the confidence to be yourself and let go of beliefs that are holding you back then you are in the right place. I support women to build their self-belief, stop people pleasing, put in place boundaries and have the confidence to be their true selves.

I am a firm believer in building true, authentic confidence and to do so means having a good understanding of who you are, at your core and accepting all of yourself, even the stuff you don’t like to talk about. Only that way can you allow yourself to shine the bright and radiant star that you are.

I bring my experience to my coaching. As a survivor of child sex abuse I spent my teens and 20’s with a very abusive inner critic. I battled feelings of low self-worth and had friendships and relationships that were not positive for me.

Knowing there was more for me in life and that I had more to give, I worked with my first coach. The experience was transformational and I have worked with many coaches since then to get me to where I am now.

Interestingly, many years later my confidence took another hit when I started the menopause. Again, I found a professional who helped me to understand my body and manage my symptoms. Within a few weeks my mojo was back.

I am a certified coach with over 12 years’ experience that has supported many women to feel stronger, excited and more confident within themselves.

If you would like help with:

•            Understanding and accepting yourself

•            Increasing your self-confidence and self-belief

•            Getting rid of that inner critic

•            Setting and maintaining boundaries

•            Getting your sass back and emerging the unstoppable, female warrior that you are

Then get in touch!

When I am not coaching I can be found open water swimming, cycling or heading to the hills. I still sign up for events that push me out of my comfort zone as I know that is where growth happens. I invest in my personal development and continue to look for the opportunities to learn and grow.

This is why my coaching is effective. I am very familiar with the challenges life throws at my clients, because I have been there myself. I also know what action is needed to keep taking those necessary steps forward.

Developing your true confidence is completely achievable and I will be with you every step of the way

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