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Mesa, Arizona , United States
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I am here to teach and mentor you on “Living Comfortably On 1 Income”, it is very easy with the process I have developed and used for over 30 years.  Once you learn how easy it is you will be amazed.  You don’t have to give up your favorite coffee to have money and be abundant.  It is a matter of understanding, learning, and adjusting to make your life easier, happier, and financially perfect for you and your life style.

We start with a 5 Day Pro Bono Program to see what it is that is needed for you as everyone is different and have different needs.  Then we will progress into either a 3 month or 6 month program. Each program offers access to a private Facebook group specific to “Living Comfortably On 1 Income”.  Also included are:

  • Text, email, and zoom everyday as needed
  • Weekly meetings to go over your progress and what is next to get you more independent when it comes to your money
  • Weekly newsletter email subscription for 6 months
  • Bi-yearly Master Class with various speakers to help you get and keep going on your journey to “Living Comfortably On 1 Income”.
  • Tip and tricks for shopping and monthly expenses
  • How to negotiate pricing and payments
  • Credit card knowledge and what you need to know to survive
  • Creating a perfect credit history
  • Money saving for monthly expenses and your future
  • Learn the difference between insurances needed for your stage of life
  • Feel accomplished with someone in your corner helping you be ”Living Comfortably On 1 Income”

If you a teachable and coachable and truly want to make a difference in your money life and be “Living Comfortably On 1 Income” then call me and let’s get your 5 Day Pro Bono Program to see what it is all about.

Talk soon and have a great day.

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