Shirley McKinnon

Shirley McKinnon

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7 Seashore Gardens, Sunset Beach , Western Australia 6530, Australia
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I have been a successful Leadership and Business Coach for over 20 years, teaching Managers and Business Owners how to connect with the hearts and minds of their team. How to remove the vision from their head and rework it to inspire the whole team. How to enrol the team in achieving the company goals. I have three books published and a manual – From Project Manager to Project Leader, Managing Relationships for the Life of the Project. I have specialised in oil & gas, and mining companies and working with clients such as engineering and mechanical backgrounds. But I have coached teams over a wide range of industries. I have also specialised in quick turnarounds of dysfunctional teams, and conflict resolution.

My program, the Successful Leadership Blueprint transforms both the Owner/Manager and the business with a FAST turnaround. You learn to grow teams who grow the business. One case study where the team took a $3 million client they were about to lose and 18 months later, that client was worth $38 million to the company.

Happy to have a virtual coffee to chat or as a strategy call –

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